If you have decided to cast a glance at one of recommended testosterone supplements lists, TestHD is likely to top it. But are these raving reviews matched by the real quality?

What it claims to achieve is: increase the levels of testosterone and adenosin triphosphate in the blood, and bring overall health benefits

Recommended dose is 1 pill two times a day( in the morning and during night), which, again, is considered too little to achieve desired results.

Among its ingredients is Shilajit extract, a compound of minerals and large quantities of fulvic acid, and it has been proven( in one study) that Shilajit increases testosterone when used continually during six months period. Another ingredient is brocolli powder, believed to reduce the levels of estrogen and it is also  known as anticarcinogen. Urtica, garden plant known to boost the levels of unbound testosterone, by reducing the amounts of SHBG( sex hormone-binding globulin) and in that way increasing the amount of testosterone that is circulating freely through the body( the rest is attached to SHBG). Boron citrate and Mucuna Pruriens have similar effects.

Tribulus Terrestris comes in the largest quanitity of them all( 250 miligrams) all it is yet to be proven that it has any testosterone boosting properties.

Positive sides of Test HD are: having some good ingredients known as good hormonal stimulators, and coming in large package sufficient for months.

Negatives are: small recommended doses, smaller quanitites of important ingredients, and large quantity of useless ingredient( Tribulus Terrestris).

It appears that Test HD does not live up to all the hype surrounding it. Those ingredients which are lauded, are present only in tiny amounts( such as oats or Mucuna Pruriens), making of Test HD little more than a good base for testosterone supplementation. For better results, Muscle Tech should make sure to increase the doses of more useful ingredients, and eliminate some which have not yielded any results

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