What are the Causes of Reduced Sex Drive

One of the common problems that affect many couples is the loss of libido or sex drive. It is natural that the libido changes as there is no normal libido. Many people use testosterone supplements to improve sex drive. However, if your lack of sexual arousal is distressing and it already affects your relationship, it is important to know the exact cause of the problem so you can have proper treatment.

Relationship Problems

One of the causes of reduced libido is your conflicts. Are you currently facing problems, or do you have worries and doubts that could result to low sexual desire? Are you still happy with your partner? Unresolved conflict or difficulty trusting one another can lead to decreased sex drive.

Stress or Exhaustion

Stress or exhaustion can affect your mood, happiness, and sex drive. If you are always tired and stressed, you may want to consider changing your lifestyle to improve your relationship with your partner.

Depression or Anxiety

Depression also affects your relationship not only with your partner but with the other people around you. It can also interfere with your daily tasks as the feelings of extreme unhappiness do not seem to disappear.depression for men

Low Testosterone Level

As we age, the levels of sex hormones (estrogen and testosterone) fall. Low level of testosterones means less sexual desire. Some men find relief with testosterone supplements, which are effective in increasing the level of testosterone. These supplements also help in building muscles, improving strength and elevating the mood.


Drinking too much alcohol can result in sex drive loss. It is best to cut down your alcohol consumption and get support from someone when needed.

Health Conditions

Medical conditions can also reduce one’s sex drive. It can be caused by the side effect of medication or emotional or physical strain. Some health conditions that can reduce libido are:

  • Diabetes
  • Heart disease
  • Surgery
  • Underactive thyroid

Each cause of reduced sex drive has its own treatment. If the cause is psychological such as stress and anxiety, you may need to have sex therapy. If the problem is low level of testosterone, you can take testosterone supplements. Health conditions require medical attention.