Common Mistakes When Taking Testosterone Supplements


When talking working out, hard training, bodybuilding what first comes in mind is what can you do in order to increase the success rate in growth muscles and decreasing fat. Those that are already into sports and training know that testosterone boost can help with that. However men that are new usually make a very bad mistake that won’t give any results when they want to see improved muscle growth (testosteron risiken).

Yes, taking testosterone boosters is the best way to increase muscle growth and in addition, you get a lot more other positive effects like increased energy, stronger bones, increased sex drive, etc. But, will testosterone supplements alone give the results you are looking for loosing fat and increasing muscle growth. The answer is simple, no.

If your hormones levels are in the middle, you will notice some improvements, more energy, and increased libido but you will not be able to build more muscles. This means if normally your testosterones are low you will need to increase the supplements and let your levels increase more than the normal scale. This is the only way to see improving in your training.

Another mistakes that newbies make is that they take more supplements but they stay passive. Which means no training at all. This mistake can become a bigger problem because instead of building muscles you will be increasing the fat. So never take supplements if you are not training. Workout and take supplements if you want to see the right results.

3 Mistakes When Aiming Muscle Growth

It is said that we all learn from our mistakes but this time you won’t make them at all. There are 5 mistakes that you should avoid when you are starting on supplements and planning to increase your muscle growth.

1. Skipping the Basics  – If you are starting on supplements it doesn’t mean that you are a superhero and you can skip the basic training. Starting with the basic workouts is a must. In this way you will stay clear for beginner injuries and you will get results faster.

2. Training too often – Training too much is also a negative thing. If you train every day it doesn’t mean you will help your muscles, it means just the opposite. This is because the muscles need about 48 hours to adapt and reset from the stress you placed on them.

3. Starvation – Eat regularly and after your session. After training, your body is working hard to convert the glucose into glycogen so that the muscles can start recovering. Eating will help the muscle repair faster.

This means take supplements, train and avoid the crucial mistakes so that you can see fast and healthy results. Take care of your body.

Changing Your Lifestyle While on Testosterone



Let’s make it clear, when you are on testosterone supplements your lifestyle should be changed and of course, for better. Both men and women who are taking these supplements should change their diet; include exercise in their daily routine and adding additional healthy supplements. Just taking the supplements won’t give you the results that you are looking for and no matter what your goal is.

Regular exercise

This might not seem like a diet recommendation but exercising regularly will get the most out of your new diet and the supplements. It is recommended to do exercises with machines or weights 3-4 times per week for about one hour each. The days that you won’t lift make sure you do other exercise that is categorized as cardio; bicycling, fast walking or training on the elliptical (Maximilian).

Protein and carbohydrates

It is important to include protein in every meal. This means 1 to 7 grams of protein per one pond of your weight each day. Make sure you avoid fat meals and carbohydrates. However, if you don’t have the time to have a protein shake before you workout, make sure that you eat after the workout. In this case eat a meal that is high in protein and carbohydrate like pasta, potatoes, and rice.

Other Supplements

While on testosterone supplements it is wise to consider taking other healthy supplements. You can add the following:

  • Vitamin D3
  • Fish Oil
  • Vitamin B-12
  • Coenzyme Q10
  • Resveratrol

Eat Veggies and Fruits

You already know that these two are very good for you and you actually don’t need to hear other telling you to do so. However, eat them fresh when possible. You can consider juicing too but keep in mind that this process destroys the fiber and increases the insulin levels.

No matter if you are taking the supplements to lift weights or to increase your libido, etc., it is always important to weight yourself regularly. Because testosterone treatment should be tracked, any excess can make you gain weight and this is the main reason that you need to workout and change your diet. 



  If you have decided to cast a glance at one of recommended testosterone supplements lists, TestHD is likely to top it. But are these raving reviews matched by the real quality?

What it claims to achieve is: increase the levels of testosterone and adenosin triphosphate in the blood, and bring overall health benefits

Recommended dose is 1 pill two times a day( in the morning and during night), which, again, is considered too little to achieve desired results.

Among its ingredients is Shilajit extract, a compound of minerals and large quantities of fulvic acid, and it has been proven( in one study) that Shilajit increases testosterone when used continually during six months period. Another ingredient is brocolli powder, believed to reduce the levels of estrogen and it is also  known as anticarcinogen. Urtica, garden plant known to boost the levels of unbound testosterone, by reducing the amounts of SHBG( sex hormone-binding globulin) and in that way increasing the amount of testosterone that is circulating freely through the body( the rest is attached to SHBG). Boron citrate and Mucuna Pruriens have similar effects.

Tribulus Terrestris comes in the largest quanitity of them all( 250 miligrams) all it is yet to be proven that it has any testosterone boosting properties.

Positive sides of Test HD are: having some good ingredients known as good hormonal stimulators, and coming in large package sufficient for months.

Negatives are: small recommended doses, smaller quanitites of important ingredients, and large quantity of useless ingredient( Tribulus Terrestris).

It appears that Test HD does not live up to all the hype surrounding it. Those ingredients which are lauded, are present only in tiny amounts( such as oats or Mucuna Pruriens), making of Test HD little more than a good base for testosterone supplementation. For better results, Muscle Tech should make sure to increase the doses of more useful ingredients, and eliminate some which have not yielded any results



 It is one of the best ranked supplements on the market, that will contribute to your strength-building, help you to add muscle, and improve your endurance. Pride nutrition, its producer, is a respected company, which has so far delivered great results, and remains competitive after more than a decade in the business.

Elevate should be taken twice a day( one capsule at a time), something that users might find worrying if they are looking to keep their testosterone levels constantly high, because approximately double dose of that amount is adviced to achieve that goal.

It has some interesting ingredients not found in other products, such as, Longjack known as the stimulator of libido, Mucuna Pruriens, whose effectiveness in the hormonal stimulation has been proven, Maca root and saw palmetto, both of them having aphrodosiac properties, and oats, believed to have capacity to keep testosterone levels high. In addition to these ingredients, it also contains ubiquitous zinc, magnesium, vitamin B6, and Tribulis Terrestris.

Adverse effects have not been reported so far, so its safe to use, unless you are allergic to some of the ingredients.

It can be lauded for having large amount of ingredients which have been scientifically proven as useful, and for improving libido. But it can be criticized for not having enough testosterone boosting ingredients( and it claims to stimulate the production of that hormone), the fact that it comes in small doses, and some of its ingredients have been dismissed as ineffective. According to some experts, it would have done miracles with an inclusion of vitamin D3 and aspartic D-acid, but they are both missing( and much less effective Tribulus, with dubious results, is included). Final verdict for Elevate Prime Nutrition, is that it really would have benefitted from the inclusion of additional ingredients, in its current form, it mainly helps to boost libido.